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  • Little Treasures – Diamond Ice Beach

    Little Treasures – Diamond Ice Beach

    Trevisan Art International I received an email from Paola Trevisan in Italy inviting me to submit artwork for an International Art Exhibition in Bologna, November 2015. The International Art Exhibition is called “Little Treasures” and is hosted every year by TAI (Trevisan Art International). The invitation is to submit 4 small fine art photos measuring […]

  • Magnificent Earth

    Magnificent Earth

    Mögnuð Jörð (Magnificent Earth) In Icelandic, the word for “Magnificent” also refers to “Magnetisism” and “Magic”. We are normally unaware of the huge magnetic forces which sculpt glacier ice, conduct the Auroras, and direct the waves, all in a magnificent way. This previously unpublished collection of limited edition photographs was captured with the Magic Cloth technique, […]