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A collection of photos, articles and tutorials all about landscape photography in Iceland.

  • My perspective on perspectives

    My perspective on perspectives

    To find your spirit animal, sit quietly in a comfortable place, just breathing and relaxing for some time, (may take a few…

  • Excuse me

    Excuse me

    I have witnessed some angry exchanges between photographers in busy places. But I am hoping here to help you see that all…

  • Fibonacci and the Gods

    Fibonacci and the Gods

    Fibonacci Spirals After looking into “Golden Curves”, “Golden Ratios” or “Fibonacci Spirals” (whichever you want to call them) I have spotted a…

  • Get high

    Get high

    As important as finding high ground is in wilderness survival, I would like to include the concept in my photography survival kit-bag.…

  • From lines come proportions

    From lines come proportions

    After learning the importance of lines in Telephoto Landscape photography, something obvious occurred to me. From those lines come proportions.

  • Ice cave photography

    Ice cave photography

    Ice caves are like magical underground secrets, but of course they are not underground, they are under the glaciers. Ice-caves can take…

  • Seeing the un-seen

    Seeing the un-seen

    One of the things I love about photography is that you are able to see things you normally wouldn’t. This is especially…

  • My perspective

    My perspective

    PHOTOGRAPHY IS ABOUT FORCING YOUR PERSPECTIVE ONTO OTHERS: I am going to explore this statement made by one of my guests, just…

  • Telephoto Landscapes: the importance of lines

    Telephoto Landscapes: the importance of lines

    When I play back through my shots I see how I am working on a frame getting slightly closer to the correct…

  • Blue skies arrrgghh!

    Blue skies arrrgghh!

    Blue skies are my favourite for sunbathing, but not for landscape photography. An opinionated article about clouds and depth.

  • Considering DOF in a beach scenic

    Considering DOF in a beach scenic

    There are times when a sea-scape requires a Deep DOF (Depth of field), but here we look at situations where you can…

  • TripodSnake – DIY Tripod Protectors

    TripodSnake – DIY Tripod Protectors

    The tripod snake is an accessory to help protect your tripod from the sea. This is a DIY guide to make a…

  • Photographing an erupting Geyser

    Photographing an erupting Geyser

    Golden Day We were out for the day on a Golden Circle tour. The air was cold and clean and Winter light was…

  • Shooting against the spray

    Shooting against the spray

    This article discusses tips for shooting against the rain or waterfall spray.  Both are common issues when you are shooting against the…

  • Intelligent focussing

    Intelligent focussing

    With the ability to crop and adjust exposure in post-processing, focusing is one aspect which cannot be changed after the fact. In…

  • Feel the Landscape – Nature Photography

    Feel the Landscape – Nature Photography

    If you are a landscape photographer and you want to really convey the ‘feeling’ of the land, you should allow the landscape…