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  • My perspective on perspectives

    My perspective on perspectives

    To find your spirit animal, sit quietly in a comfortable place, just breathing and relaxing for some time, (may take a few attempts) your spirit animal will come to you…

  • Excuse me

    Excuse me

    I have witnessed some angry exchanges between photographers in busy places. But I am hoping here to help you see that all this anger is unnecessary.

  • Fibonacci and the Gods

    Fibonacci and the Gods

    Fibonacci Spirals After looking into “Golden Curves”, “Golden Ratios” or “Fibonacci Spirals” (whichever you want to call them) I have spotted a few examples in recent work (I think). Godafoss waterfall Godafoss, the waterfall of the Gods, is maybe my favourite waterfall to photograph in Iceland. The classic horseshoe shape found in many waterfalls. The […]

  • Get high

    Get high

    As important as finding high ground is in wilderness survival, I would like to include the concept in my photography survival kit-bag. This article explores some of the technical advantages of the high ground.

  • From lines come proportions

    From lines come proportions

    After learning the importance of lines in Telephoto Landscape photography, something obvious occurred to me. From those lines come proportions.

  • Ice cave photography

    Ice cave photography

    Ice caves are like magical underground secrets, but of course they are not underground, they are under the glaciers. Ice-caves can take many different forms…

  • Seeing the un-seen

    Seeing the un-seen

    One of the things I love about photography is that you are able to see things you normally wouldn’t. This is especially evident with Night photography when a long exposure reveals objects and colours that you never knew were there.

  • My perspective

    My perspective

    PHOTOGRAPHY IS ABOUT FORCING YOUR PERSPECTIVE ONTO OTHERS: I am going to explore this statement made by one of my guests, just to see if she is a big liar, or is there some truth to the statement. If so, does all communication attempt to do this? or maybe just art?

  • Telephoto Landscapes: the importance of lines

    Telephoto Landscapes: the importance of lines

    When I play back through my shots I see how I am working on a frame getting slightly closer to the correct composition. It can be useful to study your work like this sometimes. What seems clear is that there can be different rules of composition depending on your focal length.

  • Blue skies arrrgghh!

    Blue skies arrrgghh!

    Blue skies are my favourite for sunbathing, but not for landscape photography. An opinionated article about clouds and depth.

  • Considering DOF in a beach scenic

    Considering DOF in a beach scenic

    There are times when a sea-scape requires a Deep DOF (Depth of field), but here we look at situations where you can get more from your lens by considering apertures such as f/6.3 for your scene.

  • TripodSnake – DIY Tripod Protectors

    TripodSnake – DIY Tripod Protectors

    The tripod snake is an accessory to help protect your tripod from the sea. This is a DIY guide to make a set of tripod snakes at home.

  • Photographing an erupting Geyser

    Photographing an erupting Geyser

    Golden Day We were out for the day on a Golden Circle tour. The air was cold and clean and Winter light was Golden, the conditions were perfect for my favourite kind of Geyser shot. Strókkur Shortly after sunrise, we made our first photo stop at Geysir where we were able to witness several eruptions of the Famous […]

  • Shooting against the spray

    Shooting against the spray

    This article discusses tips for shooting against the rain or waterfall spray.  Both are common issues when you are shooting against the wind near waterfalls or angry beaches in Iceland. 

  • Intelligent focussing

    Intelligent focussing

    With the ability to crop and adjust exposure in post-processing, focusing is one aspect which cannot be changed after the fact. In other words, as digital photography become easier and easier, the art of focusing is one of the few critical techniques remaining in the quest to make photos from single frames.

  • Feel the Landscape – Nature Photography

    Feel the Landscape – Nature Photography

    If you are a landscape photographer and you want to really convey the ‘feeling’ of the land, you should allow the landscape to possess you.