Yellow flower

My perspective

“Photography is about forcing your perspective onto others!”

I am going to explore this statement made by one of my guests, just to see if she is a big liar, or is there some truth to the statement. If so, does all communication attempt to do this? or maybe just art?

Like the term “Contrast”, “Perspective” can have a few different uses relevant to photography. For example, there is the almost physical “Focal Length”. If the photographer changes focal length, they are affecting the perspective of the shot. a “Sense of perspective” is the illusion of the 3rd dimension (3D) in a 2D image. Then people talk about “My perspective” both in a visual sense and in a conceptual or political sense, as in “My point of view”. They all eventually mean the same thing with regards to showing you the world from my eyes.


Abstracts are useful for demonstrating various aspects of perspective. As the photographer I have a perspective advantage because I knew where I was and which height, distance and focal length I needed to create the image. As the viewer, you may experience a loss of perspective until your eye can make sense of some of the focused parts. Then, you might start to build a sense of perspective.