Cat portrait shallow DOF

Do I love cats as much as landscapes?

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The answer is yes in truth I love them both the same.

Although photographing them is very different, there is a connection. Like humans and landscape photographs, cats were designed with Fibonacci proportions. This makes them very special in a universal sense. No wonder the Egyptians worshiped them like gods. They are spiritual teachers, zen masters and acupuncture specialists.

The special bond with humans makes them man’s best friend, very much like dogs.

Loki Bear

This beautiful creature looks really pissed at me, but I just gave him crab, so he has a funny way of showing appreciation.

This long haired wookey has a very gentle nature and is the Bodi-satva of the cat world. He is a skilled hunter but has poor balance for a cat. He prefers to drink bath water and often begs outside the bathroom.

This was taken with my 135mm in our front room. I liked the light coming through the window, but had to use high iso to get the right speed.

Poo poo lady

This is poo poo lady as a kitten. Here she is sat on a magic lamp that she was able to turn on herself and then sit on top of the warm globe.

Icelandic kitten

She has turned into a possessive, overweight bully, but I still love her the same.

This was taken with my 50mm in my apartment. I liked the back lighting.

Dudah Machaludah

I do not know what the mouse was called, but Dudah resting in the background was cruel and played with its suffering before its pathetic demise.

cat and mouse

This was taken with my 50mm in my apartment. I simply put the camera on the floor and focused on the mouse.

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