About Me



My 14 years in Iceland was driven by my passion for Nature and Photography.  I was inspired by the diversity of the landscapes, the beauty of the Northern Lights and the extreme weather conditions.  I used to run photo tours and although it was sad to quit after 10 years of tours and workshops, it has been an amazing memory and a huge gallery of images.  In times where we cannot travel as freely before, the need for people to explore Iceland online has increased and so that is the aim of continuing to write and promote my photo galleries.

I fell in love with Iceland before I started this journey of photography and running tours and workshops.  I then saw Iceland change under the strain of mass tourism and it was as profound as a volcanic eruption or a stubborn glacier.  What seemed like a dream come true for me became a sort of nightmare.    I got tired of living out of hotels and endless airports and I also considered the cost of air travel on the environment.  Now I don’t own a car.  I do my shopping and commute on a push bike, or walk.  I grow my own veg and compost.  I now work in a school where I have the privilege and honour to help venerable children with their education. My income is very low, so it would be nice to sell a few of the photographs I have taken over the years.