Photography: are we only adding to the illusion of manifested forms?

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Snow on Vestrahorn
Vestrahorn Mountain with a 24mm Prime lens.

The Power of Now

I have often thought about a photograph representing the “Here and Now” in previous posts. But now I am pondering the idea, that we are just adding to the illusion of form. What is existence anyway? Descartes famously said, “I think, therefore, I am.” But, thinking only adds to the illusion of form (Existence).

I am thinking, or, are they really my thoughts?

I wish, or, is this everyone else’s wish?

Small Group Ice Caving


I hereby start my own philosophical movement called “Anti-existentialism”… “Self” is the biggest illusion, the appearance that I am a separate entity and able to manipulate and be manipulated by the the physical world. All matter is energy and it is only by our perception that we have this illusion of the physical world. The reason it creeps towards entropy and in constant flux is because we see ourselves as separate entities. If we can shift to see the energy from the perspective of the “one”, the universal consciousness, the energy would become eternal, and without time, the matter doesn’t exist.

So photography is nice, we get great comfort from looking at pictures from the physical realm, but I wonder if it is only adding to the illusion and keeping us from knowing the truth?

It is time that gives energy the forms we know. In the timeless Now, there is no form, only the energy.