It can be useful to consider the 4 dimensions when considering a composition;
1) Right Vs Left
Useful for considering the alignment of your foreground objects. If you consider the horizon-up as background, and the land leading to the horizon as the middleground, then it is this Left-right dimension which helps you position the foreground in an interesting and leading way.
2) Up Vs Down
This is a useful dimension to consider although you may be limited by your tripod. A higher position opens the middle ground, where a lower position allows more intimacy with the foreground.
3) Backwards Vs Forwards
This dimension is about adjusting the size relation of elements in the scene but is also about cropping an image. It is different to move backwards and forwards with a prime lens compared to zooming in and out from the same position.
(See this post for more detailed considerations)
4) Time
This could refer to the shutter speed to achieve fast action or water movement, or it could refer to considering the time of day when the shot is taken.

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