Iceland time-lapse 1

Time-lapse video

This video was shot on a photo tour in February. The footage was taken from the beach at Jökulsarlon, Vestrhorn Mountain and Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall.  You can see the icebergs floating around on the glacier lagoon as well as the ocean waves lapping at the black sand beach. The music is one of my own song called “Hello”.  This recording includes a collaboration with Cigar Monkey.

Iceland time-lapse

Time-lapse video

This video was shot on a tour in February. Shots are taken from the Glacier lagoon and the beach at Jökulsarlon.  The clouds over the lagoon are lenticular clouds and they form when there are very strong winds at high altitudes. The panning in the time-lapse video was created by a standard kitchen egg timer.  Unfortunately the horizons start off straight and end up wonky, but hopefully you can forgive this.

Landscape photography gear

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