5 Professional Poster Design Tips for Magnetic Brands

Reynisdrangur and Reynisfjall
The iconic shape of Reynisdrangur and Reynisfjall cliffs on the right.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digitalized, businesses and marketers are choosing to invest more and more in methods which may not be traditional. However, the importance of billboards, flyers and posters still remains as a lot of people do prefer to look at well-designed ads and appealing visuals. 

If you consider announcing a new product or sale via a poster, you could set your business apart from the competitors and attract people immediately. While it is a primarily conventional technique, posters can help spread brand awareness and make more people familiar with your company logo design, slogan and brand colors.  

However, you do need to keep various design factors in mind with posters. In order to communicate with the consumers, you should focus on a few professional design tips to create the right poster. 

Easily Readable From A Long Distance 

One of the best things that comes with a poster is that you can catch the eye of the audience in a crowded place and from a distance well. If the visuals, color palette and fonts are placed strategically and do not overwhelm other elements, then you can convince the consumer to pause and go over it. This is where you should make sure that the poster can be read easily and has a clear message. 

The text on the poster is critically important so you should make sure that it is visible from a good distance as well. If the viewer has to put in additional effort to read the print or figure out the slogan, they will most likely move on towards another option. For an announcement of a sale or product, you can opt for modern and clean typography with large fonts. 

When it comes to the details and fine print, businesses can sometimes make the mistake of going for something too small. As a designer, it is important that people are able to read the relevant information easily and from far as well. 

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Focus On The Location

While this might not be specific to poster design, it is quite crucial to the end result. The location of your poster determines how it will turn out to be and the impact on the audience. By focusing on the place of display, you can come up with a design that instantly attracts attention. 

So for example, if you want to put up a poster on a window in the mall, you can choose colors and imagery which do not overwhelm the viewer and are visible clearly. You want to avoid a clash with other advertisements or distractions which might be around. 

In case, the location of the poster is a blue wall or a textured background, you can include elements which create a contrast or complement the color and patterns. 

Experiment With Contrast

With posters, you have quite a short window to appeal to the viewer and convince them to pay attention. This can be quite a challenge to navigate in branding as the attention spans of the consumers are decreasing by the year. For marketers, boosting awareness via posters requires coming up with a unique message and promotional strategy which brings a high return on investment. When you are collaborating or coming up with a poster design, you want to make sure that it stands out and delivers on the promise. 

This is where experimenting with contrast and using dark and light color schemes can be quite useful. Instead of sticking to one color and playing it safe, you can actually include elements that contrast and draw attention in a crowded space. 

Highlight A Central Image Or Visual

Since there are various factors to consider in poster design, people can sometimes include a lot of different images, text and shapes. This might confuse or distract the viewer and the message you want to convey could be lost. With poster design, it may be a good idea to focus on one center element or image and highlight that effectively. 

By doing so, you can keep the design minimalistic without compromising on any branding features. You can pick an image or illustration which is appealing and relevant to the subject of the poster. This can be the main focus of the design and you can pick the layers or patterns that can surround the design. It will help you create a harmonious poster that appeals to the viewers. 

Incorporate Empty Spaces

While you may want to make use of additional space on the poster, it is actually a good idea to leave it empty. This way, you avoid overwhelming the consumer and keep the attention on the main image and text. Most designers would space out the elements in a balanced way and highlight the message in the poster. 

It can actually allow you to focus on your branding as well and you can feature your logo design or tagline in a way that it stands out.

To Sum Up

These are some highly useful professional poster design tips that you can use for increasing brand awareness and marketing. There are many businesses that make use of posters to reach out to a wider consumer base and spread information about their products or services. If you apply them strategically, you might be able to benefit from the promotional strategy too.  

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