One of many really important once-in-a-lifetime experiences is seeing the Northern Lights. Iceland is a good place to do that as a part of a Northern Lights vacation or guided tour. In Iceland you have a probability of seeing the glowing swirls, clouds, stripes and wisps in the Arctic sky.

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Dress well

There is a well known saying in Iceland… “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes”. Iceland’s annual temperatures range from about 25°C to a low of -25°C, however the very best time to take a Northern Lights trip is between the winter months of September and March. It is best to count on the temperatures to be round freezing level at greatest. The further inland from the coast, the colder it will get.

This far North, the lengthy day-light hours mean that it is impossible to view Auroras during the Summer months. In mid-Summer it is almost total daylight 24/7.
Iceland Northern lights

It is strongly recommended that you dress with sensible layers and put on good winter boots. Being well dressed is the key to getting pleasure from your Northern Lights tour. It’s good to spend money on some glove liners, and quality wool socks or insoles in your boots. It is also good to have a heated car close by. If you take one of many Northern Lights tours in a big 4X4 autos, you’ll discover that sure gear is offered by your Northern Lights guide.

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Capturing that Picture

Anybody who has taken a photograph at night time will know how difficult it can be to shoot an image that resembles what you have been seeing. Photographers may suggest particular gear… you might be able to get a picture with a digital camera that’s capable of long exposures. It is not so simple, so do not be too disillusioned if the snaps you’re taking from your Northern lights tour do not come out as you hoped. If you are serious about photographing the Northern lights, you might consider a photo tour with one of our professional photographers. Or possibly you can decide to buy a postcard.

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