Reynisdrangur Mono

The Icelandic tourist board has been working closely with the Icelandic police to make tourists at Iceland’s tourist destinations safer.

Acts of God

Natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions and the glacier floods can affect areas with large numbers of tourists. The creation of coordination centers to act in terms of both rescue and shelter for tourists in affected areas will go ahead. So after 8 years of tourist boom, the tourist board has finally finished a discussion to implement a plan to include tourists in disaster evacuations.

Better information and rescue resources will become commonplace at sites with high fatality rates, such as Gullfoss waterfall and Reynishveri beach. Gone are the days of hopping fences to get a better photograph. These areas now have secure viewing areas and trained staff if you are lucky.

Dangerous roads

Meanwhile and despite all the tourist tax given to the authorities, tourists still face disgusting road surfaces. The track down to Svinafellsjokull is shameful. It takes just a few hours to grade this road, it is 1 vehicle and 1 or 2 men. Yet the road hasn’t been graded for over 3 years. A lot of VSK has been collected since the road was last graded.

In East Iceland this October, they were resurfacing the roads so thickly that experienced drivers were not able to steer their vehicles properly. It is very dangerous to go from a tarmac surface to a gravel surface at speed, it is important to slow down. During these October road works, we encountered a change in the surface, but saw only 1 warning sign.

Heavy Surface

The road surfacing was so aggressive that it was impossible to steer! The road surfacing team pulled me back onto the road after loosing control. I have driven this road with blizzards, ice, snow drifts and strong winds. This is the first time I have lost control.

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