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Here is my collection of beginner photography articles for people just starting out in photography. These technical articles offer beginner tips and tutorials for Nature photography techniques and camera settings.

Photography is a great new hobby with lots to learn If you have just got a new camera and have an interest in Nature and travel, then these Beginner Photography blog posts could be helpful.

Key Aspects

What these Photography articles try to do is to discuss key aspects of photography in an introductory way. I have tried to use photos yo illustrate my points where possible. There is a lot of technical jargon in photography and some of it is worded strangely as if to make it purposefully confusing. These Beginner Photography posts try to explain what these terms mean or link to other pages that explain the photography jargon in more detail.

How to Photograph the Northern Lights

A total guide to taking photographs of the Northern lights for Digital Cameras & wide angle lenses. This night photography guide includes camera settings, equipment suggestions and some Northern lights photo examples.

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Landscape Photography Beginner Guide

Taking photos of Landscapes is such a cool activity that connects you to the nature and helps you forget negative thoughts. If your photography is good, then your viewers will benefit in the same ways. Here are a few thoughts on what landscape photography is, and how to develop your landscape photography skills.

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Where possible these articles discuss camera gear for the beginner.

Readers are welcome to leave comments on any article. Feel free to ask questions or to ask me to explain these photography concepts better.

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