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Technical articles about cameras and lenses. From film cameras to full frame DSLRs, from telephoto zoom to wide angle prime lenses. These technical articles cover tips and techniques, camera settings and lens features.

It can be useful to consider how equipment relates to specif issues in photography.


Lenses relate to composition. On a very basic level it is the position and direction of the lens which will determine the composition, but it is the focal length which will decide the proportions and level of detail in the subjects. The lens also controls the sharpness in a photo via the aperture and focal point.


Cameras control the exposure of your photo. They can also control the focus and aperture via the lens. In many ways the camera is only as good as the sensor because the sensor will determine image quality.

Buying Camera Gear

Choosing tripods, cameras, lenses and filters often involves matching quality at each stage of the photographic process. For example you would be foolish to mount a high-end camera on a light-weight travel tripod. Like-wise you wouldn't want to put a cheap filter on a high quality lens.

Ultimate test

Night photography is the ultimate test for both cameras and lenses. You will spot the tiniest lens defects when you view the stars in the night sky. The long exposure ill test your camera and sensor.  Waterfalls and beaches are a test of your camera waterproofing.

The future of photography

The future of photography is brighter than ever. With today’s technological advancements, there are more and more hacks available to make your life easier and also help you save plenty of money in the process.

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