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Slow shutters create interesting effects in many forms of photography. Long exposure photography works well in many forms of landscape photography especially with a tripod. The effectiveness of long exposures to communicate movement in a scene, makes slow shutter photography a favourite for beaches and waterfalls.

Creative Edges

Playing with shutter speed encourages some of the best creativity in photography. These technical articles will inspire you to go out and experiment with long exposure photography.

Orderly Water

An open shutter can create order out of chaos when you photograph moving water. With good camera skills you can contrast moving water with something solid and immovable. A long exposure can flatten the most turbulent ocean to create the illusion that it is a calm lake. Waterfalls look like they are flowing with milk when you slow the shutter and shapes appear that you don't normally see.

Star Trails

Northern Lights photographers try to keep their exposures as short as possible to avoid star trails, but a long exposure photo of the night sky can show the effects of the Earth's rotation. 


Long Exposure Photography Articles

Magical Dawn

A beautiful Summer morning at Jokulsarlon with some icebergs reflecting in the glacier lagoon.

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Goðafoss waterfall – 175 second exposure

I love visiting Goðafoss Waterfall in the late Summer. The sunset colours work so well with this dynamic, North Iceland waterfall. I was facing West around 20.30 on this September evening on a tour around Iceland.

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