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A collection of rants and raves that are not directly related to photography, but may be relevant to the life of a photographer.

Pixpa Review

Online PortfoliosWhile there are many website builders out there, there are a limited few that focus only on creative professionals. Does Pixpa deliver on its promise? This review will explain everything you want to know about...

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Little Treasures

Trevisan Art International I received an email from Paola Trevisan in Italy inviting me to submit artwork for an International Art Exhibition in Bologna, November 2015. The International Art Exhibition is called “Little Treasures” and is hosted every year by TAI (Trevisan Art International). The invitation is to submit 4 small fine art photos measuring […]

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Justnanco Bristol England

Wardrobe Art Do you ever have times when everything fits together in a collection of strange coincidences? For me, I seem to have more moments when everything falls apart in a mass of coincidences, but this time it was different, the stars were in alignment. After my previous show at the Brick Lane Gallery in […]

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