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Please find Technical articles for learning Adobe's image editing software such as Lightroom and Photoshop and applying the skills to landscape photographs.  Post-processing skills are very different from actual photography, but learning image editing skills will inspire new camera skills out in the field.  These post-processing tutorials include step by step procedures as well as images to illustrate some of the more technical processes.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful image editing software with a huge number of editing tools.  It allows for multi-layer editing which gives you a lot of control over selected area of an image.  Photoshop is a pixel editor, so it is possible to adjust the levels and colours of individual pixels if you wish, or you can make whole image adjustments.


Lightroom RAW editor

Adobe Lightroom is a RAW converter and whole picture editor.  It has some useful tools to allow you to adjust small parts of an image and plenty of plugins and presets to help you develop a speedy image editing workflow.  Lightroom also organises yur files and connects to online photo sites, such as SmugMug and flickr.


Goðafoss waterfall – 175 second exposure

I love visiting Goðafoss Waterfall in the late Summer. The sunset colours work so well with this dynamic, North Iceland waterfall. I was facing West around 20.30 on this September evening on a tour around Iceland.

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Northern lights HDR photography

Northern lights are a real treat for the travel photographer, but what’s the point if you can’t see the landscape your are visiting? This post looks at the HDR technique and how it can be used at night for Northern lights.

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Ice beach method

The aim of this image editing technique is to enhance colours, to give them that contrast colour while maintaining a natural contrast.

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Blending modes for drama and colour

his section discusses a photoshop technique which is similar to Luminosity masking and just adds the extra flavour of various blending modes instead of traditionally adjusting curves. This can be a bit like inventing recipes where some ingredients go beautifully well together and some are disastrous combinations. We will start with an image which has […]

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Advanced Photoshop – Dramatic Mono Conversion

This tutorial looks at ways to convert your image to black and white using the tools available in Photoshop CS3. There may be work-arounds for other versions of photoshop or other image editors, but the work horse in this tutorial is the powerful ‘Black and White Tool’ in CS3 which has a great selection of […]

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