Compositional consideration

Compositional consideration

You arrive at a new scene and start shooting with your camera and tripod. then you go home and upload your images and go through them hoping that one of the scenes worked, but they are all missing something… does this sound like your workflow? If so read on…

I am constantly seeing photographers arrive at a scene and they have their camera in front of their eye before they have even looked at a scene. The tripod is quickly set-up and a lot of fiddling occurs at the back of the camera. They are missing one important element to photography technique – ‘Looking’!  Quite often it is the equipment such as sturdy tripods and high end cameras that become obstacles to our ability to see properly.  The heavy duty camera gear is important for making museum quality prints, but if you are not able to spot the subtleties in a nature scene, then you picture wont appear in a museum (unless to rent the wall space).

5 minute rule

My advice on so many occasions is for a photographer to leave their camera in the camera bag and tripod folded up and just stand/ sit and look at what is in front of them for 5 minutes.  What happens over that 5 minutes is usually several visual epiphanies.  You start to spot lines and shapes and details that you hadn’t previously seen.

The difference between a snapshot and photographic art is the inclusion of feeling. Feeling is what the landscape artist attempts to convey in an image. If a photographer cannot feel the scene, how on earth will they ever be able to convey feeling in their shots? If you rush into a scene and snap away without first looking at the scene, there is no way you can feel it. If you can feel the scene, there is no guarantee that you will be able to convey feeling, but you have a much better chance.


Just relax and let your eyes wander. After 5 minutes you will notice things in the scene that I guarantee you didn’t see when you arrived. You eyes will notice finer details, patterns leading lines. The next stage is to analyse which way your eye moves across the scene and from here we compose.

So often I hear the phrase – ‘If I take hundreds of pictures, of of them is bound to be good!’ Why not take those hundred pictures in your mind before saving the good one for your camera? you batteries, shutter curtain and memory cards will be happier.

Svartifoss light

Shooting against the spray

Shooting against the spray

This article discusses tips for shooting against the rain or waterfall spray.  Both are common issues when you are shooting against the wind near waterfalls or angry beaches in Iceland. 

Intelligent focussing

Intelligent focussing

With the ability to crop and adjust exposure in post-processing, focusing is one aspect which cannot be changed after the fact. In other words, as digital photography become easier and easier, the art of focusing is one of the few critical techniques remaining in the quest to make photos from single frames.

Photo Calendars


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