Imminent volcanic eruption

Reports are coming in of an imminent eruption of the Hekla Volcano.

Hekla is a serious volcano. A few thousand years ago Hekla erupted with the force of a large Indonesian volcano. In the early middle ages, Hekla Volcano regularly threatened the livelihoods of local farmers who were challenged by the ash fall. More recently, the Hekla eruption has become a fairly quiet affair with small eruptions every 10 years. But now it has been 15 years since the last eruption.

Icelandic geologists are monitoring every volcano in Iceland. Hekla is one they have been watching closely for the last few years because its regular eruption is overdue. The more overdue it becomes, the bigger the ensuing eruption.

Diverse Landsapes

Volcanic Landscapes

Nobody lives close enough to be in danger, but many tourists frequent the area and planes fly over it many times per day.

Monday 20th June 2016:

Currently, there isn’t much earthquake activity at the site, but we will keep you updated as things progress.

Friday 24th June 2016:

Iceland review reports activity under Barðabunga Volcano yesterday. From this screenshot of all Iceland, you can see how the earthquake activity is becoming frequent and forming a line through the middle of Iceland.

Taken from

Taken from

The star means that the quake measured over 3 on the earthquake scale. The location of the star is close to Hekla Volcano.

Saturday 25th June 2016:

Oops! some serious quakes at Barðabunga around lunch time. You can see 2 stars (quake measuring over #3) at the position of Barðabunga and another star in the same position just East of Hekla. The big Quake near Hekla volcano occurred just before midnight last night. The 2 big quakes at Barðabunga occured just after midday.

Taken from

Taken from

Update: 4th July 2016:

After a quiet few days, the tremors started forming these rapid fire quakes. This was seen in the lead up to and during the previous eruption at Holahraun.

vedur 3rd July

vedur2 4th July

Update: 4th May 2019:

Nothing happened – YET!!

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