Serious Silicon Loses

It is a crying shame to consider all the businesses that have been destroyed by the COVID pandemic.  I could claim that I am one of them.  Although this is true on a technical level, my business was realistically finished long before the Covid pandemic.  My traffic took a serious dive in 2018.  The sudden drop in traffic coincided exactly with the period where I paid for ads for ‘Photo tours’.  For me, this was a natural progression through business. What I wasn’t expecting was for Google to completely pull the rug from under my feet as soon as I started paying them for serious adverts.  It was as if I had been flagged as an ‘all for profit business’ by the Google bots.


Remember, this is all through retrospect – at the time I had no idea that this was happening so I hired many web developers to figure out what had gone wrong with my website.

 Profit Engine

I always saw Google as the ready-to-go search engine that delivered on the basis of good content.  I had good content, so what went wrong?  Well Google changed their philosophy without telling me and about the same time as they were harvesting some of my Hard-Earned-Cash.  Their philosophy had changed to prefer websites with the best advertising budget.  So when you search on Google, you are more likely to fnd companies with great advertising budget (i.e. companies who are driven by profits) rather than companies with great content (driven by passion).


Now, this is difficult for me because I should be really grateful to Google for making my business successful (on the old algorithm) in the first place and have no right to complain that they suddenly moved the goal posts without telling me (or many other businesses).

 The betrayal Algorythm

Well as I am now completely out of business and totally broke, I think it fair to judge Google as a Betrayal algorithm and not to be trusted.  What is a Search engine without the content that web-masters deliver?  Like Facebook’s disatrous start to 2021 by rising above their station and banning Australian new feeds, I feel that Google’s day are numbered.  Well I really hope so!  Content providers deserve better.