Long exposure waterfalls


Spring had sprung at Goðafoss on a tour at the end of April.

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This was on a Winter tour to North Iceland. The journey was eventful with a minor fender bender on one of the Northern moors during a blizzard with very slippery roads. We managed to stay just 10 minutes drive from Goðafoss waterfall so it was easy to head out when the sky was interesting. Godafoss is an incredible Icelandic waterfall!! And certainly worth the trip up to the North.

The Magic Cloth Photography Technique

The Magic Cloth Photography Technique is a a clever technique to expose a scene with high dynamic range.

When you need to balance the highlights in the sky with the shadows on the ground like a average sunrise beach, the The Magic Cloth Photography Technique is a useful accessory to have in your pocket.

Magic Cloth Tricks

What you need:

ND Filter: (not at night, only in daylight)

I suggest round filters for damp weather.

Heavy Tripod:

I like to get low down for foreground intimacy so quickly adjusting legs are certainly good options to look out for choosing your tripod. Stabilize your tripod to make it strong. Magic Cloth movemnts can cause vibrations. But, this is necessary for top quality long exposure photography.

Avoid raising the center column unless you really need to. The center column is the least stable part of the set up.

If your tripod has a hook underneath, hang things from it to provide more sturdiness. Many professionals carry a special bag to put stones in to give a better strength which will hold the tripod still – perfect for long exposures.

Some more Long Exposure hints…

8 Tips for Long Exposure Photography

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