Gossa is Icelandic for soda and also refers to a volcanic eruption and a geyser eruption.. The word is also related to our word Gush and is a relative of Geysir. Geysir is an Icelandic word meaning “Spouting”. Strokkur is the only regularly erupting Geyser in Iceland and can be seen at Geysir. Strokkur’s eruptions only last a second, but there is only 4 – 7 minutes between eruptions.

Half Second

This was an unusually long exposure of Strokkur. Half a second was the shutter speed at a subject I normally like to use a fast shutter with. This long exposure captured a blend of the blue bubble and the movement of the eruption. I usually capture the full eruption with a vertical frame and the bubble with a horizontal frame. As this was traveling upwards, I felt that a vertical frame was the best way to compose this geyser photo.

Jokulsarlon Night panorama

Northern lights can add an extra dimension to night photography because they add strong colours and depth to the sky.

Aurora Wash

This Northern Lights shot was blessed with a superb wash of ocean during the exposure.

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