Hvitserkur Gull

Hvitserkur Gull

Drinking Dragon

The Hvítserkur (White Shirt) is thought to be an ancient volcano plug. The tough basalt structure has withstood many thousands of years of Icelandic weather, although it recently had a concrete base manufactured to prevent further erosion.

Hvitserkur fine art print

This image was taken during a Summer sunrise session in June at 03.20 in the morning. The action in the sky was limited to a small area at first which forced me to take a bunch of verticals, but as the sun moved around, the sky became more useful for Horizontal shots. So here I am square on to the Troll Rock and I am using the sea rock to balance the composition and add some depth. The challenge is getting the 2 elements into the right areas of the frame. Having a tripod without a centre column is very useful here because I had to get down really low. Getting low means that composing the sky is easier. I was watching for the way the brighter parts of the sky interact with the Troll Rock and it’s reflection.

Camera Settings

F/14, 13 seconds and Magic Cloth to give the sky about 1 seconds and the lower half 4-8 seconds. The longer exposure had a positive effect on the saturation of the reflected colours.

The location is easy to find, but access down to the beach can be a challenge. There is a very steep path from the look out point, but this should only be attempted in an upwards direction. Further back along the beach there are steep, but safer routes down.

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Blue Wing

Blue Wing

We had driven to Jökulsarlon very early and could see that a good sunrise was developing, but there was very little ice on the beach.

Budir Sunrise

Budir Sunrise

The weather was cloudy but as we turned the corner, a gap in the clouds allowed some beautiful, Winter light onto the scene.


Magic Cloth

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