Jökulsarlon Aurora

Jökulsarlon Aurora

Level 10 northern lights

This photo was taken on a Hassleblad medium format tour in early October on the banks of Jökulsarlon, South East Iceland. The medium format cameras were lovely, but pretty useless for the northern lights. So this was taken with my Canon 5D2. The Northern lights were really strong on this evening. It is such a shame that there were so many clouds, but the occasional openings in the clouds gave us a few photo opportunities. At one point the aurora was bright enough to cast a shadow which means that it was a full strength aurora.

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Strong vertical

I decided to shoot this scene vertically. Generally, I will follow the lines of the aurora, so if they are overhead it is a great opportunity to capture a strong vertical photo. Vertical images don’t get the attention they deserve online, but they are fantastic to hang in a large room as a print. The long exposure was unavoidable and it was a shame that some of the ice was moving during the exposure.

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