Laki West

Laki West

Crater Landscape

This landscape photograph is looking West toward Myrdalsjökull from the top of Mount Laki. You can see the Westward chain of craters created by the eruptions in 1783. There is a similar chain of craters on the Eastern side goig in the opposite direction towards Vatnajökull. The eruption split Mount Laki in two and killed 20% of the Icelanders living in Iceland at the time. It also created the largest lava field in Europe.

Tough Drive

Driving to Laki requires skills and experience crossing rivers. It is a bit of a hike to get up onto mount Laki, but there are 4 good directions for shooting the crater-filled landscape. It is also possible to see Langisjór from the top of the mountain. Apart from the car park, the is no civilisation to be seen in this part of Iceland.

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