Mirror mountain

Mirror mountain

This beautiful Iceland Landscape features a mountain called Hofell which is an ancient volcano in the South Eastern part of Iceland.  It’s last eruption blew itself up and what you see now is just the shadow of it’s former self.  The district was seized by Hrollaugur Ragnvaldsson when the Vikings settled in the 9th century. Hrollaugur owned the land between Jokulsarlon and Stokksness.  The surrounding farmlands have been kept Viking ever since as they were handed down generation to generation.  Some vast plains are for sale with farmers unable to make the land compete with the guesthouse brandishing farms of their neighbours.  

Autumn Landscape

This photo was taken in the Icelandic Autumn while a bunch of photographers and myself were on the road from Hotel Hali to Höfn. There is a long stretch of road that offers uninterrupted view of Mount Hofell.  We managed to find a safe place to stop, so we crossed the road to get closer to the reflective surface of the local marshlands.  

Stitch Panorama

Rather than photograph the landscape with my 24mm rime, I decided to use my 50mm prime to capture the full splendour instead.  This is because I like the straightforwardness of 50mm with it’s lack of distortion or compression that you would get from other focal lengths. So I decided to take a stitch panorama photo.  I took 3 vertical frames at 50mm and manually blended them in photoshop.  I will always prefer to manually blend a landscape photograph when there are objects that could be considered a ‘foreground’.  Unless one is using a nodal ninja, or some other contraption to prevent parallax, manual blending is the way to go if your panorama includes a foreground object.  In this case, it was just a few sticks and grass interrupting the reflection, but the fine details in the farm below the mountain really deserved some manual work.

Ice Gorge

Ice Gorge

This is at the Fjaðrargljufur river canyon in South East Iceland. The unassuming river winds like a snake between the rocks.

Blue Wing

Blue Wing

We had driven to Jökulsarlon very early and could see that a good sunrise was developing, but there was very little ice on the beach.

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