Arctic Terns

My photography takes a tern for the better. A fleet of arctic terns rest and bake in the Iceland sun. They make a perfect formation on this slab of glacial ice. These are highly aggressive birds and will defend their territory especially in nesting season. These birds feed by diving into the lagoon to fish small trill which they use as part of their mating ritual.

50 mm prime

Being the lazy twat that I am, I decided to take my 50mm prime and stick with it. I figured tat we would encounter many different sizes of ice berg, but because we were moving there would be a suitable distance to shoot each with a 50mm. This was one of many shots I took on a Jökulsarlon boat tour with Ronnie Hauks. He advised me to wear strong nylon pants and an underwire were we would be able to pull Arctic char from the deep waters of my underpants.

Boat tours

The amphibious boat tours are a nice way to get to parts of the lagoon unseen from the shore. The trip is about 40 minutes. Unfortunately the boat can be full in busy seasons and this means it is difficult to move around and get photos from different angles.


The grass anchors itself in the black sand forming tussocks from the drifting sand. Small pools form after heavy rain or melting snow.

Landscape photography gear

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