Hornvik Coastline

This picture has been sitting rejected and all alone in my archives for some years. The location is an obscure coastline in Hornvik, part of Hornstrandir. Some say this part touches the Arctic circle, but I am not sure. One thing I am sure of though is that despite the low visibility, the arctic circle must be in this photograph (or rather this photo could be from the Arctic circle)… even though it looks like “Nothing”.  The blue in the picture gives a sense of an abyss.  The mist had us stranded for a couple of days with no way of flying back and no point of doing much exploring.



I gave it a letter-box crop. In the original, you can see the top of the outcropping rocks. I decided that cropping the tops off gives the image more mystery, it also allows attention to fall on the swirling water action around the mostly submerged rocks in the foreground.  This is an effect of the long exposure as the sea gently lapped against the shore.

Red Blaze – Northern Lights Exposure

Although the Northern lights require a long exposure, the object is often to reduce exposure time as much as possible to achieve a usable exposure and with minimal star trails.

Fjallabak Night

Taken on July 17, 2011 on a photo tour through Iceland’s Southern Highlands (or Fjallabak – behind the mountains).

Ice Gorge

This is at the Fjaðrargljufur river canyon in South East Iceland. The unassuming river winds like a snake between the rocks.

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