Vestur Serpent

Vestur Serpent
Vestrahorn Beach

Beach photography

This photo shows Vesturhorn from the beaches of Stokksnes. This corner of the beach has interesting rocks and some very large swells. This is because the sand is so flat that the ocean is very shallow for about a mile out to sea. I had to be a real wave dodger as I ran down to the rock between wave surges and had about 10 seconds to compose and shoot before the next big wave.

Magic Cloth

I am shooting with a 24mm prime lens and a 6 stop ND filter so that I could get a longer exposure. I managed 6 seconds at f/11. The sky would have had only a half second exposure as I was using the Magic Cloth.

Glacial Mirrors

Glacial Mirrors

We were making our way down to the glacier tongue at Svinfallsjökull when I spot the colour in the clouds above Kristinatindur.

Dream of the Gods

Dream of the Gods

Godafoss the Waterfall of the Gods is a fine location for photographers, both Summer and Winter.

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