Green Lantern 2

Aurora at Jökulsarlon

Aurora Soup

The aurora was not very exciting. This is what we often call “Green Soup”. There was a bit of activity on the horizon, but I thought the cloud was more interesting. So I decided to close the aperture to f/4 in order to get better details and DOF in the foreground ice. Either my focus was not perfect or the front ice moved slightly because it is not super sharp. I suspect the former because getting front to back sharpness with f/4 is not easy. The majority of ice and the stars are acceptably sharp, it is just the front 2 pieces which were compromised, although it works on this reduced scale.

151 seconds

My shutter speed was two and a half minutes.  Overall I was happy with the exposure which required a lot of Magic Cloth and was getting quite uncomfortable towards the end of the exposure.

The feature of the shot is the reflected and refracted green in the ice lagoon. It is a pity that it is not as sharp as I would have liked, but sometimes you have to forgive imperfections – especially in Night photography.

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