Raudisandur Westfjords

Rauðisandur Beach

Rauðisandur means “Red Sand”. Rauðisandur is in the Southern part of the Westfjords and is south facing. It is not too far from Patreksfjörður and it is short driving distance from Latrabjarg puffin cliffs. People come for the colour of the sand because everywhere else in Iceland has black sand beaches. Driving down to Rauðisandur isn’t for nervous passengers. There is a steep winding road from the mountains to the beach and it is quite narrow.

Long exposures

For this beach photography technique, I was trying to stick to 2 second exposures with a magic cloth. I noticed that there was this amazing colour as the larger waves receded, so I timed the exposures to coincide with this moment. The result is this incredible salmon pink colour on the saturated sand.

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