Nowhere River

This could be anywhere, but this is a river in East Iceland. I have been considering the rivers in Iceland for some time and I have come to the conclusion that they deserve more attention. The volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls and hot-springs have stolen the limelight. Iceland’s rivers are mighty. The longest, Þjórsa is 240km long and stretches from the middle of the country at Höfsjökull and after plunging over the 3rd highest waterfall in the country and the waterfall with the highest volume of water, Þjórsa eventually makes it to the coast. Salmon frequent this river whenever they make the arduous journey upstream to regenerate their species.

Photo challenge:

Find a rapid river near you. Search the river for an interesting configuration of stones, look for colours. Try to use a prime lens or limit yourself to a particular focal length. Use Shutter priority (TV mode) and run through several shutter speeds from 1/2second to 1/60 second until you find a speed which suits the water. Hint: You may need a dark filter (ND) to do this in bright light!!

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