Glacier Ice Dawn

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Glacier Diamond Beach

Glacier icebergs catch the warm colours of the rising sun. I took this picture on the diamond ice beach at Jokulsarlon.

These tiny icebergs were glowing amber in the morning sun on the Diamond Beach at Jokulsarlon. It is incredible to see the ice crystals glow in the winter sunrise.

The interaction of sea and the glacier ice on the diamond beach make this photo very special. I think it shows the ephemeral beauty of nature and how magical landscape photography can be. The Icelandic coastline is enriched by this beautiful scene from Jokulsarlon ice beach.

This Icelandic beach scene is printed on Museum-quality paper, Canvas or Aluminium.

By Tony Prower

Tony Prower spent over 15 years photographing the landscapes of Iceland. Tony Prower is a pioneer of the Magic Cloth Technique and ran thousands of photo tours in Iceland over 10 years.