Winding Road at Night

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Night photography print

This stunning night photography wall art print captures a magnificent night scene in the Icelandic landscape of Hvalfjordur. It features a winding road, a starry night sky, and a window in the clouds that offers a glimpse into the mysteries of the night. 

Hvalfjordur is a fjord about 40 minute drive from Reykjavik. The name ‘Hvalfjordur’ means ‘Whale Fjord’. The road is adventurous and used to be part of the Ring Road before the Hvalfjordur tunnel was built. This was one of my favourite photo stops around the fjord because there is a little waterfall.

It rains on average every other day in Iceland. I tried aurora hunting once or twice but the rain clouds can be so persistent that it is not even worth trying.

As I waited for the clouds to clear, I noticed a few stars. I set up my camera at the edge of the road and took a few photos of the gap in the cloud. I was disappointed not to see any aurora, but fell in love with the night scene anyway.

Night Print

This atmospheric night scene will add a touch of the heavens to any room. Hang it on your wall to introduce a little bit of Icelandic Nature instantly. This night photography wall art will make a stunning gift for someone you care about.

Hang this captivating print in your home or office to add a touch of beauty and mystery to any space.

By Tony Prower

Tony Prower spent over 15 years photographing the landscapes of Iceland. Tony Prower is a pioneer of the Magic Cloth Technique and ran thousands of photo tours in Iceland over 10 years.