Glacier Lagoon Reflections

I took this photo during an all-night photography session in the summer. This was captured just before sunrise when the reflections were perfect. The soft colours in the clouds reflect perfectly in the lagoon with the glacier icebergs.

Magic Lake

This was the view over the glacier lagoon at Jokulsarlon in East Iceland. Small icebergs float in the placid lagoon while the setting sun lights up the sky with fire reds & oranges. The ice on this lake fell as snow one thousand years ago in the times of the Icelandic Sagas. The incredible sky,…

Final Blue

This was the last light of a winter sunset at Jokulsarlon Glacier lagoon in East Iceland. The glacier ice is really blue & there is a thin layer of ice on the lake surface. All this beauty of the sunset colours & blue glacier ice are reflected in Jokulsarlon along with the glacier landscape.