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Glacier Lagoon Reflections

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I took this photo during an all-night photography session in the summer at Iceland’s renowned Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon.. This was captured just before sunrise, when the reflections were perfect. The soft colours in the clouds reflect perfectly in the lagoon with the glacier icebergs.

The East Iceland glacial lagoon, which has sections that are more over 200 metres deep, is currently Iceland’s deepest lake. The enormous lake is filled with thousands of tonnes of ice that have fallen down Breiamerkurjökull, a glacier outflow of Vatnjökull Glacier. This is the only place in Iceland where ice really travels from the glacier to the open ocean.

Many renowned photographers and tourists visited this area of East Iceland after seeing the images from there.

Ancient Ice

In the time of the Sagas, more than a thousand years ago, some of the ice of Jökulsárlón fell as snow. According to recent observations, the ice is receding at a rate of 100 metres annually. The North Atlantic Ocean’s warmer seawater seeps beneath the lagoon to the glacier shelf. Along with hastening the glacier’s melting, this also attracts fish, seals, and birds. The lagoon may therefore be among Iceland’s top locations for wildlife photography. The nature photographer can capture birds and seals all year long because to this abundant feeding area.

Wall Art Print

Your wall will get a little drama from this picture of an Icelandic glacier landscape. I choose the best materials to display the drama on the glacier lagoon. This gorgeous photo print will make the perfect housewarming gift. When it comes to nature photography, Iceland’s unique landscape and climate offer a variety of subject matter to investigate. Together with imposing mountains and volcanoes, there are many other stunning natural features, such as glaciers, waterfalls, and black sand beaches.

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