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  • Spirit in the Sky

    Spirit in the Sky

    Northern lights climb into the night sky over Jokulsarlon. It was a windy evening so I didn’t expect any reflections in the…

  • Gullfoss Canyon Winter

    Gullfoss Canyon Winter

    Gullfoss waterfall is a dramatic cascade. Thousands of gallons of glacier meltwater plummet down two levels into a narrow canyon. Due to…

  • Skogafoss Waterfall Winter

    Skogafoss Waterfall Winter

    Skogafoss waterfall is beautiful throughout the year, but maybe slightly more beautiful in the Winter. I never saw Skogafoss freeze even in…

  • Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall Summer

    Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall Summer

    Mount Kirkjufell is one of the most iconic mountains in Iceland. The steeple shaped mountain dominates the bay in Grundarfjordur on the…

  • Skogafoss waterfall Summer

    Skogafoss waterfall Summer

    Skogafoss waterfall is one of the easiest waterfalls to spot on the Icelandic ring road. It is in an area with a…

  • Red Blaze Aurora

    Red Blaze Aurora

    Bring the Northern Lights to Your Home. Red Blaze Aurora โ€“ Vibrant Nature Print Available on Archival Paper, Aluminium or Canvas. Enjoy…

  • Red Star Aurora Latte Mug

    Red Star Aurora Latte Mug


  • Spirit in the Sky Latte Mug

    Spirit in the Sky Latte Mug


  • Strokkur – Geyser Eruption

    Strokkur – Geyser Eruption

    This photo shows Strokkur erupting to full height backlit by the Winter sun. Strokkur is affectionately known as the smaller brother of…