Author: Tony Prower

  • Winding Road at Night

    Winding Road at Night

    This stunning night photography wall art print captures a magnificent night scene in the Icelandic landscape of Hvalfjordur. It features a winding…

  • Dark Night Aurora

    Dark Night Aurora

    I took this dramatic night photo on a moonless night in East Iceland. The glacier lagoon was full of glacier & lake…

  • Peace at Jokulsarlon

    Peace at Jokulsarlon

    I took this vertical nature photo at Jokulsarlon near Christmas in 2010. The conditions were so still and this little iceberg had…

  • Night & Aurora photo book

    Night & Aurora photo book


  • Iceland – Hardcover Photo Book

    Iceland – Hardcover Photo Book


  • Stokksnes Beach

    Stokksnes Beach

    Stokksnes is a small promontory in East Iceland, near the town of Hofn. The black sand beach is nice with a very…

  • Svartifoss Waterfall

    Svartifoss Waterfall

    Svartifoss waterfall is in the Skaftafell National park & is an easy hike from the visitor center. This famous waterfall emerges from…

  • Gullfoss Waterfall Square

    Gullfoss Waterfall Square

    Gullfoss waterfall is the largest waterfall complex in Iceland. Gullfoss has two levels of cascade which funnel thousands of gallons of glacier…

  • Photo Books

    Photo Books

    These books are inexpensive, but they introduce you to my printed photographic work. Perfect for a gift or just place on your…

  • Iceland Landscapes Photo Book

    Iceland Landscapes Photo Book