Red Blaze Aurora

I took this vertical northern lights photo at the Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon. It was St.Patrick’s day & this was one of the best northern lights displays I have ever witnessed. I was really happy to capture such deep reds in the aurora. All that energy seems to be coming from the volcano under the glacier.

Beach Lantern Aurora

The diamond ice beach near Jokulsarlon is my favourite place for winter sunrises, but Northern lights are rare. This is because the beach faces south & auroras are mostly in the northern sky. I wanted to capture the movement of the ocean against the glacier ice on the beach while capturing a colourful aurora display.

Spikes on Earth

Northern lights can be boring! They were not being very boring on this evening in late September. The Northern lights had been very active with impressive shapes & dancing all evening. This particular scene arose just a few minutes after I had put my camera gear away for the night. I quickly unpacked my camera…

Grotta Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a brisk walk from Reykjavik center, but it’s far enough away to escape the orange glow of the city lights. I took this photo on the same day that I bought my Canon 5D3, many years ago. I like the way the green aurora makes a strong shape that fits nicely in…