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  • Grotta Lighthouse

    Grotta Lighthouse

    This lighthouse is a brisk walk from Reykjavik center, but it’s far enough away to escape the orange glow of the city…

  • Spirit in the Sky – Flexi Case

    Spirit in the Sky – Flexi Case


  • Jokulsarlon Aurora Pano

    Jokulsarlon Aurora Pano

    £39.00 – £52.00

  • Comet Aurora Pano

    Comet Aurora Pano

    £35.29 – £52.00

  • Kirkjufell Aurora

    Kirkjufell Aurora

    Northern Lights and Kirkjufell mountain are reflected in a small lake. This beautiful mountain is in Grundarfjordur on the Snaefellsnes Peninsular is…

  • Aurora Colours

    Aurora Colours

    This atmospheric aurora borealis photo was taken on a very dark night in Iceland. It was a new moon and the stars…

  • Night of Ghosts

    Night of Ghosts

    This was a very misty evening at Jokulsarlon. As soon as the Aurora became active, the sea-mist lifted revealing the glacier ice…

  • Close Encounters

    Close Encounters

    This was an evening of persistent northern lights at the Glacier Lagoon called Jokulsarlon. The lagoon is forged by the retreating glacier…

  • Aurora Prints

    Aurora Prints

    Night & Aurora Photography Iceland Aurora During the cold Icelandic winter nights, I was usually out with my camera, braving the cold…