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Spikes on Earth

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Northern lights can be boring! They were not being very boring on this evening in late September. The Northern lights had been very active with impressive shapes & dancing all evening.

This particular scene arose just a few minutes after I had put my camera gear away for the night. I quickly unpacked my camera and tripod and found a good spot overlooking the glacier lagoon. I love how the shape of the Northern lights frames the glacier icebergs and mountains perfectly.

Nighttime Activity

My observations indicate that the best time to see the Northern Lights is between the hours of 10 PM and 2 AM. The majority of light displays occur around midnight, while some really potent storms can produce auroras as early as 7 PM and as late as 7 AM. The duration of most presentations is an hour to two hours, during which time there will be intermittent activity. It’s probable to regain power if the lights go out but there is a constant green line left. Occasionally, but infrequently, a show can last only 20 seconds.

Having a lot of nighttime offers advantages as well. especially when the Northern Lights’ emerald light display might cover the heavens. The most important prerequisite is a dark sky, so stay away from city lights and steer clear of full moons. There is a better likelihood of capturing colour the darker the sky.

Colours of Northern Lights

The images and what you actually see are two different things. The reason is because rods—which human eyes use in the dark but which do not process color—are to blame (see Rods & Cones). The outcome is significantly more colourful (realistic) than what human eyes can see because the camera does sense colour and it is gathering the data over a period of time (5–30 seconds). The dancing curtains will be far easier for you to view with your eyes than with a camera, though if the camera is powerful enough, you might be able to see some colours.

Northern Lights Wall Art

For those interested in nature photography, Iceland’s unique landscape and climate offer a variety of subject matter to explore. There is no shortage of magnificent scenery to capture in auroral photography.

The beauty of the country may be brought into your home or place of work with wall art created from Northern Lights photos. It adds a unique touch to each place while also sparking fascinating conversations and being visually attractive. To add a touch of Iceland to your home or place of business, consider purchasing nature photography wall art.

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