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Iceland Travel Guide: Locations & Tours

Iceland Photo Guide

These Iceland location guides describe Iceland’s most scenic places with information about access, tips for photographers, and photos. Learn how to capture these photogenic spots in all types of Icelandic weather and in different seasons.

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Landscapes & Seascapes

Iceland’s diverse natural landscapes are the result of the battle between ice and fire. There are amazing opportunities for landscape photography in almost every part of Iceland. The following Iceland photo location guides are written with the travel photographer in mind.

vestrahorn mountain

Mount Vestrahorn & Stokksnes

Vesturhorn mountain has historical significance and has Natural Beauty. Vestrahorn Mountain is best viewed from Stokksnes,…

The landscapes of Iceland show the scars of the stormy weather.  These photo guides will tell you how to get to Iceland’s top photo locations and how to get the best light and drama.

Icelandic Waterfalls

Iceland has an unknown number of waterfalls.  Sometimes you will find a couple of impressive waterfalls within hiking distance. Waterfalls can be slippery in the Winter! These photo guides will keep you safe and dry.

Glacier Ice

The Vatnjokull region in East Iceland is very rich in natural beauty.  It’s a long drive from Reykjavik, but once you are there, you will have good access to Glacier Lagoons with opportunities for Glacier Activities.

The locations in these photo guides to Iceland include popular places that have maintained access throughout the year.

Tours & Activities

Iceland’s Tour operators are well experienced local guides who specialize in good hospitality.  Book tour and activities with local guides online.

Northern lights Tours in Iceland

Day Tours

The day tours listed are carefully chosen to give you better travel photography experiences.  Perfect for a short stay in Iceland..  The local tour operators run private or small group tours.

Crater eruption

Volcano Tour

The rumbling of thunder amidst the veil of thick black ash plumes puts things into perspective…

Iceland Summer adventure

Landmannalaugar Tours

These tours takes you to the mountains of colour at Landmannalaugar. Colours greet the visitor all…

Self Drive

Save money with an Iceland Self Drive.  These guides will help you plan your self drive trip. Find information about local hotels, Icelandic road access and even book local Nature Activities online.

Multi-Day Tours

These longer tours include an overnight stay in top Icelandic locations.  These tours are a great way to immerse yourself in the Icelandic Nature.  Create truly stunning photos.