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These guided tours take you to Landmannalaugar in the southern Highlands of Iceland. The mountain roads require a modified 4×4 to cross some of the rivers and take you right to the heart of the Icelandic highlands.

Here, you can book a summer tour online. The road usually opens around mid-June.

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Landmannalaugar Mountains

The clay, painterly mountains, valleys of shale, and streams at Landmannalaugar greet the visitor gently at first, and then all at once in a magnificent panorama. The route is littered with red or grey tinder cones and their weirdly winding veins of moss winding to their summits.

The campsite at Landmannalaugar is more like a rock concert than a base camp, with tents, jeeps, bicycles, and hardy hiking folk—so many in such a remote location. The area is a perfect hiking zone. A hot spot for hiking, photography, and camping, Landmannalaugar is a geothermal hot spot with fantastic rhyolite rocks with a colourful, painterly appearance.

Landmannalaugar Crater Lakes

The road into the park is rich with lava fields, volcanic landscapes, and craters. Many of the craters have lakes with rich geothermal colours.

Blahylur blue crater
Blahylur – crater lake near Landmannalaugar.

An hour hike will get you to the top of one of the hiking trails.

Landmannalaugar Hiking trail
The view South from Red mountain.


Running only from mid-June to mid-September (and can be subject to change). Landmannalaugar can be included on a multi-day South Iceland Self Drive Tour with a good 4×4 vehicle.

Timings: The private guided tour could start late afternoon or midsummer. The group tours would mostly have a regular start time around 09.00.

Cotton Grass and mountains reflected in a rain pool.

Locations and activities:

Getting to the park requires a lot of driving on rough mountain roads. Although a lot can be seen from a car, passengers will be encouraged to hike through lava fields and up mountain paths to conquer the stunning scenery. Most tours will take you in on one road and out on another to give you a continuing sense of movement. The route may include standing on Mount Hekla, one of Iceland’s most famous volcanoes. Experienced local guides are familiar with the area and know the best places to catch the best light and the best views. Other activities may include bathing in the geothermal pool at the base camp.

A short hike will put you into a foreground rich lava field.

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