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Iceland Puffin Map

If you come to Iceland in the Summer, there are plenty of opportunities to see the Icelandic Puffin. Hopefully this map will point you in the right direction. Puffins nest in cliffs to take advantage of the protection. Not many predators can overcome vast bird cliffs.

Numbers have dwindled in many of these places over the last years which could be a result of increased tourism, so please give them personal space and encouraged others to do the same.


The hot spot of puffin spotting. The birds are here in large numbers and are quite happy to sit on their nests with photographers buzzing around them.

Location guide: Latrabjarg


Tours Around Iceland


Boat tours regularly leave Iceland’s almighty bling town from the harbour. Maybe the small boats are best to take you out to the islands. Tours from Reykjavik can be booked below.

Location guide: Reykjavik


Puffins can be found both at the top car park on the cliff facing West along the black sands and at the Eastern car park facing East towards Vik and Reynisdrengur.

Location guide: Dýrholaey


Vik – Reynisdrangur

The thriving coastal town of Vik is home to a modest puffin colony. Puffins can be found on the large cliffs above the sea stacks.

Location guide: Vik – Reynisdrangur


This semi island used to be the home of the first full-time Norwegian settler, Ingolfur. He spent the first Winter here. There is a tractor service which takes groups out to the island several times a day. A ski lift will take you to the top of the rock. Tours here can be booked below.

Westman Isles (Vestmannaeyjar)

If you can stomach the ferry ride, the Westman Isles are famous for their puffin colonies. In August and September the town’s children rescue hundreds of baby puffins that fly into the town.


This Northern Island is a good spot for puffins. It also contains the only part of Iceland officially within the Arctic circle. It was home to a leper colony over 100 years ago.


This Skagafjörður Island has steep rock faces all around making it a natural fortress. It was the final home to the Saga hero – Grettir the Strong. Accessing Drangey island is difficult because it is a natural fortress with vertical cliffs all around it.


This Island is the best spot in the East for spotting puffins in the Eastfjords. Skrúður can be seen from the Vattarnes Sea Cliffs.

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