If conditions are good for clear skies, you could be whiteness a wild Northern Lights displays over head (if you are in Iceland) The warning came from NOAA Space Weather www.swpc.noaa.gov/


issued 29th Jan 2020

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The meaning of Four

The description of a level 4 aurora includes the possibility of radio blackouts and possible satellite malfunction.  The cycle lasts 8 days and there are usually 8 cycles in an 11 year period.  So this will certainly be great and it’s your last chance at least for another couple of years. Stay safe and watch the weather for alerts.

How to go to Iceland

There are regular flights from London and Bristol by various airlines.  IcelandAir are running flights from New York, Boston, Seattle, Toronto and Chicago.  Usually, the flights from America to Iceland are on the Red Eye.  Maybe you will catch a glimpse of Auroras from the cabin window as you approach Keflavik airport at 06:00. You might have trouble staying awake for Northern lights the following night, but you can always sleep later, right;)


Keflavik arrivals


Check out the KEF airport arrivals webpage here:  LINK