Ice beach Jokulsarlon

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Ice beach photo tour

Long exposure photography

This long exposure photo was far from a matter of being still. The main piece of ice was surrounded by a wall of ice chunks like a pig in a pen. The wash of ocean was filling the ice-pen regularly so I had to keep jumping in and out escape a soaking. Some people take fishing waders to photograph the ice beach, but I think running shoes are best. My shutter speed was 10 seconds so I needed a ten second gap in the waves with some interesting run off.

Jökulsarlon Ice Beach

The ice beach is such a popular location that many of our photo trips were built around the idea of having a few opportunities to photograph there. Our Iceland photo tours often stay overnight close to the ice beach in case there are Northern lights or a decent sunrise over the North Atlantic. The great array of sunrise colours reflects and refracts in the glacier ice. This is the real benefit of choosing a Long photo tour. Northern lights are rare because they are usually in the Northern sky so you would be standing in the sea to shoot long exposures. Sometimes they appear in the Southern sky and in this situation it is good to be close to the ice beach.

Jökulsarlon Day tours

These tours are bus tours with pick-up from Reykjavik. They will take you to Jökulsarlon and the ice beach in a single day with a few quick stops enroute.

South coast tour