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Claire Carter

Claire Carter’s interest in photography grew from a desire to record special moments to inspire her paintings. From this has grown her passion to capture the way light transforms a scene and to share those fleeting and unique moments.She also claims it is a wonderful excuse to just “be” in places that take your breath away and that standing for hours watching the effect of light on a scene can be like watching a drama unfold. During the last 10 years her photographs have been used in a wide range of publications and her work has been acknowledged in international photography competitions.


Ice beach

Claire’s first photograph is from the ice beach at Jökulsarlon. This beach is famous for it’s black sand and collection of ice crystals. These wash ashore from the Glacier lagoon at Jökulsarlon. Claire got close to a large ice chunk to allow the shape to dominate the scene. The incoming wave also dominates the foreground in this photo. The sense of movement is fantastic. The movemnt works very well in the space around the large glacier ice chunk.


The second image is a dramatic glacier scene. This photograph was taken from the banks of Jökulsarlon. Jökulsarlon is the best known glacier lagoon in Iceland. The colours are stunning and the composition is effective.

Iceland Aurora

The Northern lights photograph was from Claire’s first night in Iceland. Just minutes after arriving at Jökulsarlon, we found this Aurora display. The clear night sky is quiet common over the glacier lagoon. The secret of success with Northern lights photography is capturing an interesting shape. This dancing aurora was well exposed by Claire who had never seen an Aurora before.

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