Crystal Corner Abstract

Jökulsarlon Ice Beach

Crystal Corner Abstract

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Many visitors to the diamond ice beach at Jökulsarlon will miss shots like these. This was taken on a rainy day when the regular visitors clambered from the tour bus down to the glacier ice on the beach with their coats held above their heads as temporary umbrellas. Their time on the ice beach is as short as their time in the toilet at the Jökulsarlon cafe. The bus driver’s not going to get out, only young energetic tour guides try to get a rally cry going, but Hot Chocolate seems a better option that these glacier chunks of blue ice that they travelled half way round the world to see.

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Winter workshops

We see regular tourists come and go, but my workshop groups are out for around an hour on the ice beach in the rain looking for these hidden gems. It is not only the best way to spend a rain day in Iceland, but so worthwhile for the photography. There are tricks to spot these ice close-up shots and knowing what will work as an image. Photographers are advised on the best lens and camera set-up for an hour of photography in the rain. The right clothes are pretty important too.

Abstract Photo Gallery

You can see my collection of abstract glacier ice in my brand new Abstract Photo Gallery. Here you can enjoy a full size slide-show and buy prints and other collectables.

Custom Photo Tour

Custom Photo Tour

If you want something that is not listed or you want see Iceland at your own pace on a bespoke tour, our Custom Photo Tours go to all parts of Iceland.

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