Experience an Icelandic glacier directly

The fierce blizzards which battled against the Vikings in the days of the saga now scratches its way between mountains as solid blue glacial ice. Like a mighty blue ice dragon we creep up to her while she sleeps. Sleeping, but letting out occasional creaks and moans as the valley floor bears her weight. Waiting for the fire dragon to wake from its 100 year sleep under the mountain so the Ice Dragon can be released on its obstinate journey to the great Dragons of the Ocean.

glacier tour

Locations and activities: You can always find ice in Iceland, but we go the extra mile to get you to the mighty glaciers. Heading out of Reykjavik into the Icelandic countryside where some of the most interesting and amazing landscapes lead straight to the glaciers. This trip will take you to one of Iceland’s most popular glaciers. Then we head up a mountain track of the Myrdals Glacier or take the low road to Sólheimajökull an accessible glacial tongue. Here we have the opportunity to walk on the glacier or to hire skidoos, ice-climbing or professional hikes Depending on the season and availability. Or just relax and get some good pictures. Includes stunning views over south Iceland and a few mighty waterfalls thrown in for good measure.

Small groups mean that the tours are flexible and personal photographic assistance can be provided.

We make stops at some beautiful waterfalls.

There are restaurants and cafes on route.

Glacial tongue

Duration: 8-10 hours (flexible)
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Booking: Only available as Private or Shared Jeep tour.

  • The tour includes pick-up and drop-off from the Reykjavik area.
  • The tour welcomes photographers and sightseers.
  • All tours are flexible.
  • All tours are private for your small group.

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