Hornstrandir Reserve

Hornstrandir Reserve
Hornstrandir is a nature reserve in the northern part of the West Fjords. Hornstrandir is perhaps the most remote part of Iceland, and because there are no roads it is not easily accessible. There are boat services from Ísafjörður, Hiking routes and light aircraft services.

Remote Nature

Hornstrandir is so remote that the only options for travelers is camping. There are very decent camp sites. Some of them have the very basic services such as toilets and cold water tap. Although there are camping facilities at most of the old harbour areas, don’t expect warm showers. Also, don’t expect to have a phone signal. It is essential to visit these areas well prepared for every eventuality. Go have your shower under a waterfall in this totally unspoilt wilderness.

For wildlife lovers and travelers who don’t mind roughing it, Hornstrandir is an ultimate escape.

Hornstrandir hornvik

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Photography tips:

be prepared to hike and to be able to carry your gear in a backpack. Hornstrandir has plenty of wildlife such as arctic fox and sea fowl. A long lens could be useful. There is plenty of coast line to explore, but always expect path ways and be prepared to wade occassionally.

The nature is outstanding and worth the hardships. Arctic foxes roam freely throughout the camping areas, unafraid of humans. The nature here is untouched and if you are keen on conservation and hiking, you will meet like-minded people here.

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