Ice Beach

The ice beach is an amazing Iceland location. Glacier ice is washed by the ocean then placed conveniently on smooth black sand. It is the preferred location for most of our morning shoots on our Winter workshops.

Glacier Ice Prints

Time commitment

The ice beach is an amazing photo site, but you can’t expect to gather masterpieces on a single 2 hour visit. This is the time allotment on a single day tour, private or bus. You might achieve a fantastic image, but in reality you are more likely to do this if you can visit the diamond beach 3 or 4 times over a 5 day period. Our record was a photographer who dedicated 11 days to the ice beach for a Paris photo exhibition. His Nikon and 24-70mm lens were wiped out by a wave on day 3. We got a new camera and lens out to him the next day, so that he could complete the project.

Velvet dawn

photo duri g ice beach dawn

Pre-dawn colours are simply amazing. On a Winter workshop at an Icelandic location like this, you can’t go far wrong.

Golden Glow

Iceland amazing Ice beach sunrise

Sometimes the beach gets busy, but there is always good landscape photography to be achieved.

Red sun burst

Red sun ice beach

The interaction of early sun and glacier ice is very dramatic. There is so much potential for colours & contrast.


Sunrise on the diamond beach Iceland

Winter sunrise is a slow affair in Iceland. You will have plenty of time to practice long exposures.

This 5 day Winter Workshop is designed to give you 3 – 4 opportunities for ice beach photography.

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